The Javabones Jb Series 70s 1.5 Squarebill Crankbaits are designed for shoreline shallow cover cranking. With E.D.C., Excellent Deflection Characteristics, the Jb Series line of crankbaits can be ripped through the grass, power cranked around shallow cover or burned in the open water. The 70s 1.5 is designed to dive from 0-4 feet and is matched with needle sharp Mustad TG76NP-BN treble hooks, fast wobbling action, a knocker rattle chamber, and custom artistic painting. Javabone Lures come tournament ready with realistic 3-D eyes, top quality paints, and a long-lasting clear coat to give you a product that outperforms.

  • 1.5 Shallow Diving Square bill Crankbait
  • Excellent Deflection Characteristics
  • Weighs 1/2 Oz.
  • 2 1/4 Inches Long
  • Dives 0 To 4 Feet
  • Knocker Rattling Sound
  • Quality Oval Split Ring Line Tie
  • Mustad TG76NP-BN #4 Treble Hooks – Black Nickel
  • Stainless Steel Heavy Split Rings