Javabones Jb Series 115d XD Diver crankbait takes deep water cranking to an efficient 14-16 feet to strike zone. The geometry allows the 115d XD to rapidly rebound off thick brush, timber, boulders or any other type of cover that may be lurking below while maintaining position and route. High buoyancy characteristics allow the 115d Diver to float away from snags on pause and provoke finicky bass into biting. Built around the Weight Transfer System allows the angler to cast further, smoother, and with reduced cranking fatigue. Needle sharp Mustad TG76NP-BN treble hooks, medium wobbling action, and tournament proved decorative paint schemes make this offshore tool the next generation. Javabone Lures come tournament ready with realistic 3-D eyes, top quality paints, and a long-lasting clear coat to give you a product that outperforms.

  • Deep Diving Crankbait
  • Weighs 3/4 Oz.
  • 2 1/2 Inches Long
  • Dives 14 To 16 Feet
  • Loud Knocker
  • Weight Transfer System For Extended Casting Distance
  • Quality Oval Split Ring Line Tie
  • Mustad TG76NP-BN #2 Treble Hooks – Black Nickel
  • Stainless Steel Heavy Split Rings

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