JCR 7’6 Heavy

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The JCR Series split grip casting rods are part of Javabone’s Custom Rods new TSGS™ lineup of rods. This new series of rods incorporates the Torso Saver Grip System™ technology encased around no other than American Made rod blanks. Ergonomically designed, the TSGS™ technology features a High Density EVA over sized fighting butt cap that compliments the extended rear grip construction embracing angler comfort in the torso area when setting the hook. Javabone Rods feature an American made rod blank with an unaltered natural graphite finish with no added weight, color, or coating for the utmost in weight reduction and unparalleled performance. Drop the JCR Rods overboard and watch them float. Engineered perfection of how light they really are.

  • Equipped with Fuji Tangle Free K-Series guides for enhanced durability and performance
  • Open style hook keeper for quick and convenient rigging
  • Fuji ACS exposed thru-blank reel seat
  • TSGS™ extended rear grip to accommodate all angler grip sizes

Proudly Made in the United States of America.


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Custom built Javabones JCR-MB790-C 7’6” split grip casting rod is built for maximum power and presentation of heavier lures. Ergonomically designed and balanced for the utmost in angler comfort, the Javabone JCR-MB790-C 7’6” rod offers an impressive strength to weight ratio blank while maintaining the sensitivity needed to fish larger baits and heavier lines. A perfect combination for football jigs, Carolina rigs, big leaf spinnerbaits, and techniques demanding a product that will out perform.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length
Fast 10-25 lb. ½-1 ½ oz. 10+Tip HD EVA Split Grip 16.5”

Sensitive. Balanced. Performance.


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