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Designed perfection, the Javabones Jb Series Alive Glide is not only a fish-catching tool but a perfect blend of craftsmanship and accurate representation of quality. A single Jointed S-Glide Hard Bodied Swimbait that glides side to side on a steady retrieve. A quick twitch of the rod tip allows the bait to turn around on a subtle fall triggering crushing reaction strikes from the following bass. Features include life-like 3-D lure eyes, tournament proven paint schemes, and needle-sharp Mustad hooks making this custom swimbait a big bass must-have.

  • Jb Series Alive Glide Swimbait
  • Jointed S-Glide Swimbait
  • 2oz.
  • 6 Inches Long
  • Slow-Subtle Rise/Sink
  • Single Knocker
  • Mustad TG76NP-BN #1 Treble Hooks – Black Nickle
  • Stainless Steel Heavy Split Rings


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